Paper on Special People with Special Needs

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Special People with Special Needs
Working with the blind can be a rewarding and challenging job. The blind have many challenges which must be faced on a day-to-day basis, and it is the job of the counselor or human service worker to work with the client to help him or her overcome these challenges. In this paper areas of special problems and needs of the blind, barriers in delivering the services to these clients, and solution which will help these clients overcome the barriers they face will be reviewed. Human service workers must remember that these clients have needs which differ from other clients, as they are facing some hard challenges, and therefore must be more considerate of these needs. The blind need support such as Braille
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Human service organizations are not an exception to these standards, and are also expected to comply or modify existing structures to meet needs ADA regulations. The act of regular reading is an issue that becomes a concern for the visually impaired. A client must understand what he or she is consenting to and therefore documents must be available in formats that are understandable to him or her. Large print, audio, or Braille versions of forms should be provided to ease these barriers. In addition, organizations should also ensure that buildings are ADA compliant, no only for those whoa are visually impaired, but also for anyone who presents with any disability. Proper signage accompanied with Braille and stair access accompanied by ramps or elevators are necessary are more special accommodation that those with impairments need. Organizations must also consider entryways, and size of corridors that properly allow those with visual impairments to access ADA (Department of Justice, 2010). Although those experiencing visuals impairments have numerous special needs, they do deserve to access service as any other person. Human service organizations meeting ADA regulations reduce barriers making easier for consumers to access services.
Barriers in Delivering Services to the Blind
The elimination of sight hinders one’s ability to complete certain tasks and make a comfortable living. The

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