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1730 Words Oct 8th, 2013 7 Pages Making It Happen: Fred Goodwin, RBS and the Men Who Blew up the British Economy by Iain Martin – review The truth about the collapse of RBS makes shocking reading John Kampfner The Observer, Sunday 15 September 2013

Fred Goodwin: ‘He was obsessed with the executive car fleet. Each vehicle had to be a particular blue called Pantone 281.’ Photograph: Murdo MacLeod Do not read this book if you have high blood pressure. The collapse of RBS; the multibillionpound bailout (courtesy of you and me), and the smug indifference of the guilty men is one of the parables of the ills of contemporary capitalism. Iain Martin tells it brilliantly, mixing furyinducing
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It was an extraordinary coup, redolent with political as well as economic messages. Bonnie wee Scotland could invade London and get away with it. In one swoop, RBS had become Europe's second largest bank and the fifth largest in the world by market capitalisation. Just five years earlier he hadn't even been a banker. At the age of 42, he was now one of the most powerful in the world. It got better and better: in 2003, Forbes magazine made him its global businessman of the year, putting him on the cover and running a gushing interview with him. Harvard Business School was equally fawning in a report it produced the following year. Goodwin's ego was going into orbit. He ordered that a new headquarters be built, conveniently close to Edinburgh airport and his private jet. He spent hours on the architectural plans, focusing on the idea of a large fountain and an external reflection pool. He was obsessed with the executive car fleet. The colour of each car had to be a particular blue called Pantone 281. Everyone wanted a slice of him. The royal family loved him. He was a big name behind the Prince's Trust, later to be appointed to the Queen's Silver Jubilee Trust. When the request went to Buck House for Her Maj to open his egotistical folly, acceptance was swift. The knighthood was in the bag. The only thing that mattered to Goodwin was growth. He was on the prowl for the next takeover. The hapless board waved through each plan (in so far as he

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