Essay on Nontraditional Health

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Nontraditional health care practices are becoming more and more popular in many different cultures. There will be several different cultures that will be will discussed concerning their diverse health care practices and how these practices influence their culture regarding their health and what they do to avoid health problems. Furthermore, I will investigate different nontraditional health care choices that are existing in my region, along with the number of people choosing to use those choices over traditional medical practices. Hmong Hmongs believe in both traditional health care practices and non-traditional health care practices. However they fear American medicines because of their serious side effects (Purnell, 2013). Hmong’s …show more content…
They also used Herbs and rubbing compounds when treating such things as aches pains, inflammation, and muscles that might be overworked (Purnell 2013). “When it comes to back pain polish use a method by heating alcohol swabbed shot glasses called banki on the affected area. The heated banki is placed on the back over the painful areas, causing circular, swollen areas on the skin. They believed that this reduced pain along with increasing circulation ( Purnell 2013).”
Gunpowder is also something that the Polish use. They swallow the gunpowder to promote emesis when one has an upset stomach (Purnell 2013).
Puerto Rican Puerto Rican’s believe in several non-traditional practices. They believe in Esprititismo and Santeria. Espiritismo communicates with the spirits in order to heal someone and Santeria is used to promote and focuses on one’s health, personal growth and development. Most Puerto Ricans go to botánica which are Herbal shops. You can find an array of natural herbs, aromatic incenses, special bathing herbs, prayer books, prayers, and figurines which can promote health along with ways in which to treat certain illnesses (Purnell 2013). Fanning and blowing in ones face is also believed to provide oxygen and relieve dyspnea (Purnell 2013). Puerto Rican’s believe that you can make tea by using ingredients from snails, alligators tails or savila (plant leaves) to treat illness relating to congestive

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