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Never let me go
Kazuo Ishiguro
_______ Structure_______
First person
It gives the reader the ability to connect to Kathy since it is told through her eyes. She provides a very thorough explanation of Hailsham and the students. She allows the reader to experience her e experiences and creates,a build up to where the reader feels the same way she does
3a.In the beginning when Kathy introduces herself.
3b. The inciting incident, would be when when Kathy first tries to soothe Tommy.
3c They leave Hailsham. They found Madame
3d. The climax is when Tommy and Kathy find out deferrals do not exist. They have waited there whole lives only to find out there is no such thing.
3e.They accept their fate and don't fight it
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2a Man vs man. Ruth and Kathy always argue and have disagreements over small things
_____Symbols and Motif_____
|Literal Symbol |Figurative Meaning |Relationship to theme |
|Norfolk |The place where all of their lost things |The students wanted to go there since |
| |go. |they themselves were lost. |
|Gallery |Way to soul |Madame wanted to show the world that the |
| | |clones were humans. |
|"Never Let Me Go" |Ads humans we try to hang on to |Kathy doesn't wasn't to let any of her |
| |everything |memories go which is why as a career she |
| | |only picks students from Hailsham. |

_____ Significance Of Title____ Kathy although she was mistreated she never wanted to be alone. Even though they aren't humans they have feelings, emotions, and thoughts just like everyone else and they don't want to be forgotten..
_____Thematic Sentence_____

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