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Networking Systems at Riordan Manufacturing

Troy Brunson
Victoria Burroughs
Ali Al-Ghamdi
Nathan McDonald
David Payne
Anthony Valley


Introduction Riordan Manufacturing is a global plastics manufacturer that has plants and offices located in Albany, Georgia, Pontiac, Michigan, Hangzhou, China and its headquarters in San Jose, California. Some of their products include plastic bottles, fans, heart valves, and medical stints. Maria Trinh, requester for Riordan, is looking for recommendations for system improvements involving the current phone and data networks for all locations of Riordan. The objective is to recommend improvements that will increase communication, efficiency, and
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The company implements standard methods of communication systems, in which there is a source, a medium, and a receiver. Different combinations of these components are used. For example, the receiver or sender can be a personal computer or a telephone. The company’s T-1 circuit, which is routed out from the 100 Base T Ethernet network, combines twenty-four digital voice lines and is capable of transmitting data at 1,544,000 bps.
Advantages and Disadvantages One of the advantages to the current configuration of telecommunications systems at Riordan Manufacturing is the company’s access to VoIP services. For example, the distant location in China makes long-distance communications necessary. VoIP provides low-cost transmissions between computers using the Internet, as opposed to traditional phone lines. Another advantage of implementing VoIP is the portability that it provides. The company is doing the right thing by still having traditional phone lines open for communication. For example, VoIP would not be reliable during a power outage. Therefore, we recommend that the company only use VoIP as a luxurious extension of the more reliable communication systems. A popular disadvantage of using VoIP is that the user must have broadband access. However, this is not an issue for the Riordan Manufacturing.
Recommendations and Benefits The Hangzhou location has 0.16

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