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Anastasia Ward
English 1301
8 October 2012
Learning the Hard Way

Years ago when I was in second grade, my favorite artist in the whole wide world was Destiny’s Child. I was in love with them! I used to dance and sing to their songs all day every day and always reminded my parents how badly I wanted to attend one of their concerts. Back then I would’ve done just about anything for some tickets. When we are growing up, parents constantly stress how bad it is to talk to strangers or give out your address. Well, on this day, I was the kid to mess that up. One day after school my brothers and I were just sitting around watching TV and playing with toys when the phone rang. “Hello?”
“Yes. Is this Anastasia Ward?”
“Yes. Who is
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They call the kid’s home telling them all what they told you, and once they have the address they’ll send someone to the house days later acting like a repair man or just somebody who needs to use the rest room. Once you let them in, they’ll tie you up and kidnap you”. I was terrified! It was spring break so we left later that night to go visit Daddy. I was trying to move on from the whole kidnapping story but I just couldn’t seem to shake it. The worst part of it was to come that night. We were young, so of course we stayed up all night watching TV and playing games. When I went to lay down, all my thoughts of getting kidnapped came rushing back. I eventually thought about it so much I saw a man’s silhouette outside the window and this just made me cry. I was just so sure he was coming to get me so I ran in my daddy’s room screaming, “I DON’T WANT TO BE KIDNAPPED!” My dad was trying his best to calm me down and get to the bottom of my terror. I woke up to Daddy on the phone arguing with my Mom. “I understand Patrice, but you don’t do that to your child; SHE’S TERRIFIED!” They continued to go back and forth so I just laid there, this is normal for them. He listened for a while and eventually handed me the phone. After she asks me about the night before she goes into her apology. Confused, I ask why she’s apologizing. IT WAS HER ON THE PHONE, SHE WAS THE LADY! This broke my heart. “I didn’t think you

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