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Below it will be providing valuable information about marketing. Will be explained it definition using alternative sources and their importance in the success of different companies. Also reals examples will provided about their benefit and economic impact. This to keep in perspective the effectiveness of using marketing strategies in business.
In my opinion marketing could be define as the set of activities that are performed to meet the expectations of a company based on a product. It is a process that consists of several factors, including the customer satisfaction through a product or service. Companies today use marketing to anticipate and meet the needs of customers.
"Marketing is the performance of activities that seek to
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This application provides insight to try new things and innovate. But it also create more competition where the requirement is to be effective, in order to survive.
There is no doubt that large companies use the market to innovate with technology, so at least Apple does. It has seen over the years the implementation of new strategies, to increase the range of customers who are loyal to their brand. This would not happen without marketing strategies and conducting studies, to create products that meet and exceed the needs of its customers. Not only the product but the company employs efforts from product design to customer service. What causes that the client engage with the brand.
Another company that has distinguished itself by its marketing campaigns is Facebook. This company clearly has rules on marketing. In a world where there were different social networks, to be successful it had create something different to fill the needs of clients. Not only that, they also used product strategies to intrigue people to enroll. Also It may be mentioned the greatest campaigns that the company implement, showing their product as a place to connect with old friend and family members. There is no doubt that being able to establish communications with people from your past, cause big impact on the reception of this product.
Finally Google company has been successful in the recent times, for its range of products. This company clearly has demonstrated a focus on customer needs,

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