Mgt/498 Final Paper

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Strategic Plan
Matthew Metzger, Rhonda Calhoun, Mary Hess, and Dorenda Smith
June 11, 2015
Mrs. Forsberg

Strategic Plan
Riordan has some competitive advantages in common with the companies researched last week. Those advantages are: long term relationships with customers and suppliers, and its global and international presence. Since Riordan opened its doors in 1991 it has obtained and retained business relationships with automotive parts manufacturers, aircraft manufacturers, the Department of Defense, beverage makers and bottlers and appliance manufacturers. These long term relationships have been beneficial to the businesses and Riordan. In addition to long-term relationships Riordan has a global and international
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Also all regional offices and employees should be using the same type of computers and servers. This makes service and troubleshooting easier.
If Riordan has all of its computers on the same network and talking to each other this would simplify Human Resource (HR) tasks. Training and development records are kept in an Excel worksheet by the training and development specialists. The company should use a more updated program that allows data entry in to the employees electronic personnel file. That file should have the capability to be manipulated in to an Excel or Access file. The same program should also have the capability for employees to electronically submit a resume for a job opening. The program would retain the employees resume until another resume is submitted. The program would also scan the employees resume to see if they have the qualifications for current job openings. If the employee does have the qualifications a notification would be sent to the employee. This same program would track Family and Medical Leave Act information, Worker’s Compensation, performance review grades and comments on each employee. The HR employee program would have different access levels so HR could access information, the employee would have a self-access account where only certain information could be updated such as address and telephone numbers. There

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