Mgt 521 Complete Week 3 Essay

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MGT 521 Complete Week 3
To Buy This material Click below link MGT 521 Week 3 DQ 1
What strategies have been used to promote collaboration at your workplace or a company with which you are familiar? Have these strategies been successful or unsuccessful? Explain. Would you recommend implementing other strategies to promote collaboration? If so, what would those be?

MGT 521 Week 3 DQ 2
How can organizational restructuring enable specific types of businesses to attain competitive advantage in a changing market? Provide specific examples.

MGT 521 Week 3 DQ 3
Certain organizations lend themselves naturally to one type of organizational structure or another. What type of
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Complete the following tasks in the Organizational Planning Worksheet. Cite your resources.
Part One (hand in early):
Select a Fortune 500 company. You may start your research on this company in the Job Market Research Tool in Phoenix Career Services portal but additional research may be required.
Identify the company’s internal and external stakeholders.
Identify the company’s goals and identify the following, specifically:
The company’s mission and vision
At least one goal that can be accomplished through a strategic plan
At least one goal that can be accomplished through an operational plan
Conduct a SWOT analysis on the selected company
Part Two: Write a paper that creates strategic and operational plans based on the SWOT analysis. Please explain the following:
How these plans will achieve the related goals
The effect of planning decisions on the internal and external stakeholders identified
Required Elements:
No more than 700 words
Cite research in your paper to support your writing
Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines

MGT 521 Week 3 Individual Knowledge Check
1 . The process of dividing work activities into separate job tasks is known as ________.
A. work specialization
B. differentiation
C. chain of command
D. span of control
2 . The process of grouping jobs together is known as ________.

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