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Corporate Strategy Analysis Discussion Summary Corporate strategy pinpoints the set of businesses, marketplaces, and productions in which the organization competes and the distribution of resources between those business. There are four basic alternatives when using corporate strategy in the planning function of management. They are conglomerate diversification, concentric diversification, vertical integration, and concentration. When viewing the Destination CEO videos about Southwest Airlines, VF Corporation, Coco-Cola, and Xerox, team D converse and individually summarize the corporate strategy used by each company. When other Airlines tussle to sustain profits due to the growing price of oil and gas, Mr. Gary Kelly CEO …show more content…
The company believe that investing in solid consumer appreciation was better than high-fashion brands. Clothing brands such as Nautica and North-Face is the cornerstone of the company, resulting in sixty percent of their overall profits globally. VF Corporation continues to enlarge their brands with the recent acquirement of Majestic Athletic Company, which sells baseball equipment and the Eagle Creek travel bag Company. Team D agreed in our discussion that Mr. McDonalds used vertical integration strategy for distribution channels and to multiply their line of products. Mr. Neville Isdell, CEO of Coca-Cola retired from the company after serving 35 years in 2011. After Mr. Isdell retired, sales dropped, low determination threatens the company future, and a high-turn-over rate became the norm. The board of directors decided to vote for Mr. Isdell return as CEO in hopes of reversing the company’s slow performance. Mr. Isdell acknowledged the need for a new stagey, when seeing the competition (Pepsi) expansion into the snack and fast food industry. Team D agreed that Mr. Isdell use the vertical integration strategy when Coca-Cola bought Vitamin Water and jumped into the non-carbonated beverage division market and expand an assortment within the industry. New products like Coffee Blak Coke and Envigo, which is green tea were added to increase profits and change. Coca-Cola was controlling the

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