Markiting Plan Essay

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MM522: Marketing Management

Marketing Plan: Third Draft

Professor: Randall Livingston

Eric Bediako Lokko

Springfield, Virginia


December 2nd, 2011

1.0 Executive Summary
EBL to Go is a new medium size restaurant eatery that will be located in the busy neighborhood of Fairfax and Midtown area of Fairfax, Virginia. EBL to Go emphasis will be on preparing freshly made meals on a daily basis using naturally grown to organically produce products. The décor will be an upscale restaurant with distinct menus that will include authentic, freshly produce ingredients coming straight from the farm. These facilities will include a fifty people capacity eating area,
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This will provide the bulk of our current financing requirements. By making alliance with local farmers and restaurants suppliers, we will be able to minimize our supply charges while maximizing profit. As owners, we are committed to see to it that the business is fully capitalized, and have taken the necessary precautions. We have also considered all of our financial shortfalls to ensure a successful launch and maintain operation through the first year. Our financial analysis reveals that the total capital requirement of $250,000.00 is needed to launch the two boutiques. Of which $200,000.00 will be allocated to start-up expenditures, and the other $50,000.00 as business operation cash reserve. EBL to Go has put together a strong management team. EBL to Go is going to be the financial success which we will achieve by sticking to the financial control guidelines. In addition, we will ensure that EBL to Go offers the highest quality service, along with presenting an exceptionally clean facility for the success of the business, while living up to the mission statement that will be publicly displayed in each location. It is EBL to Go’s intention to spread its wings in Malls and other busy venues as we grow. EBL to Go does plan to raise the menu prices as the eatery becomes more and more recognized and is well received by the community at

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