Marketing Essay

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Introduction ___________________________________________________________03

Task 1 – Marketing _____________________________________________________04

Task 2 – Marketing benefits, costs and problems ______________________________06

Task 3 – Predicted Questions______________________________________________07

Conclusion ____________________________________________________________09

References ____________________________________________________________10

Companies have realized that is essential to know how to plan for success. Much more than a theoretical tool, the marketing plan is essential for the organization where they can focus their efforts on the opportunities that the market presents and applying
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Elements of Marketing Process
The marketing process consists of four steps. All this four steps are completed with the goal of creating value for your target customers and to build the relationship with costumers. * Research - You will determine what the market actually wants; what message should the company adopt and which media will be best; what needs to be achieved positioning to target the right segment. Doing the market research, we can gather data which can help us in analysis and action. * Strategies - The function of marketing strategic is to follow the evolution of the market reference and identify the different products and market segments, current or potential, based on analysis of the needs that is intended to satisfy. * Planning - Marketing plan aims to express clearly the options chosen by enterprises in developing their marketing strategy in order to ensure its development in the medium and long term, reflecting the decisions arising from analysis into action. * Tactics - The key of the business are the tactics, beat your competitors, power increase sales, you make plans to get customers implement, provide a better value for your customers or for which objective needs to be achieved. For example is a sales tactic an offer to buy 1, get 1 free. Many tactics can be using by the company to make sure that it is in line with the planning done in the earlier stage. Smart tactics are

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