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Marketing Paper

Café Maison

Markets, Segments and Customer Value
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Caca, Khandees Faith B.
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Mr. Marco Theodore Escano

Market and Competitive Space

1. Determining and Forming Product-Market Boundaries and Structure

2. End-Users

A. Describing End-Buyers

Café Maison is a new business around the City Of Golden Friendship. The market in this city is unaware of the products they offer; leaving a problem to the business.

As to the walk-in customers of Café Maison, they will find a tarpaulin of their menu in front of the counter wherein they will find all the beverages it offers. And if it happens that a
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Because of the growing number of competitors, a lot of new activities and product development is being influenced to the company. Customers would posts about the Café into the social media making it viral. With this type or marketing strategy, Café Maison is able to extend its reach towards more possible customers.

D. Customer Profiles

Most of the customers of Café Maison are students. Students from the secondary level, tertiary level and graduate studies from different schools around the city are the frequent customers of Café Maison.

E. Competition

Competitors (Direct and Indirect Competitors)

COFFEE | MILKTEA | SOFTDRINKS | Starbucks | Chinkee Tea | Coke | Coffeeworks | Something Sweet | Pepsi | Dunkin Donut | Sweet Leaf | RC Cola | Bo’s Coffee | | |

Evaluate Competitors (SWOT) COMPETITOR | DESCRIPTION | OBSERVATION | Coffee Works | The company offers different kinds of Frappe and espresso. They also sell different kinds of desserts like cakes and cookies. | * Accessible location since it is near Xavier University * Clean * Friendly and good customer service * They lack promotional strategies | Something Sweet | The company offers Frappe, Espresso, Milk Teas, Smoothies. They also sell cakes for all occasions. | * Expensive * Small space * Clean and welcoming * They lack promotional strategies * Accessible location since it is near Xavier University * Nice Ambiance

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