Marketing Plan for S.T.E.P.S Program Essay

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Dorothy Lucas
Marketing Plan for S.T.E.P.S
Marketing Management
June 3, 2014

Table of Contents

1. Executive Summary --------------------------------------------------------- 3 2. Situation Analysis --------------------------------------------------------- 5 3.1 Market Summary ------------------------------------------------------- 5 3.2 SWOT Analysis ------------------------------------------------------- 7 3.3 Competition ------------------------------------------------------- 8 3.4 Product Offering ------------------------------------------------------- 8 3. Marketing Strategy ------------------------------------------------------- 9
3.1 Mission
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It is a volunteer program to help women who get pregnant and have no way to learn how to take care of them. It will give them the knowledge and knowhow of how to survive and have healthy babies. The Birthing Project was founded in 1989 by Kathryn Hall-Trujillo, It is the only African American maternal and child health program in the country. It is often referred to as the Underground Railroad of our times for African American women (it also helps all women, but it was gear toward African American babies). African American women and their babies are at a higher risk for pregnancy and birth complications. This program allows women of all nationality to come together under one accord and understand and function within their perspective community. A major challenge in overcoming the problems that lead to unhealthy pregnancies and unhealthy babies is the lack of knowledge about the causes and prevention on the part of the pregnant mother. By the S.T.E.P.S program we can identify and address those barriers and help them survive and the birth and survivor rate higher.

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