Essay on Marketing Mix

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Marketing Mix
Lakeshia Williams
MKT 421
Allen Hopkins

Marketing Mix

In an organization marketing managers make decision as part of developing the marketing strategy. The marketing management process consists of planning activities, directing the implementation and controlling. This is expected of the marketing manager. The planning that a marketing manager does is considered a marketing strategy. The marketing manager has to determine the target market. The target market is the type of customers that product is for. For example, Chuck E. Cheese is a place for kids to have fun. So Chuck E. Cheese target market is kids. The marketing mix everything to do with the marketing strategies. Marketing mix this the controllable variables
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The third element in the marketing mix is price. When an organization develops the right product and place they must decide on the right price. The price of the product is based off the target market. If the target market is aimed to the lower class you would not set the item at a couple of hundreds of dollar. But it would be the right price for middle class or higher. Marketing managers must see customers’ reaction to the price of an item. That will determine if the price needs to be adjusted. Price includes objectives, flexibility, level over product life cycle, geographic terms, discounts and allowances.
The last element in the marketing mix is promotion. Promotion is how the organization telling the target market about product and the price. Promotions can target new customer or existing customers. Promotion can include personal selling, mass selling, and sales promotion. Personal selling is when potential customers are spoken directly by sellers. Mass selling is when big number of customers at one time is communicated with. One way mass selling works is through advertising. Advertising is any paid presentation of the product. Sales promotion is promotion outside of advertising. This includes coupons, point-of-purchase items, samples and contests.


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