Marijane Essay

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The current United States of America rules and regulations governing the policies on marijuana use stands as perhaps one of the most unwarranted. In a nation where more severely damaging drugs are legal, alcohol abuses being the biggest, marijuana has been illegal for the better part of 70 years. The prohibition on marijuana use is absolutely unnecessary considering that it is safer than either alcohol or cigarettes and does not have the crippling addictive properties of many pharmaceutical prescription pain medication (NORML, 2003). Marijuana has been found to have many, many medicinal purposes.
Medically, some of the best uses of marijuana include but not limited to
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The main active component in marijuana is THC. THC has been shown to reduce the nausea sensation as it is an antiemetic. Medicinal marijuana is especially helpful for cancer patients and those who are terminally ill, such as AIDS patients. Cancer patients that undergo chemotherapy experience intense nausea and no desire to eat. A proper dosage of THC will dissipate the nausea and the cancer patient will be more inclined to eat (Cannabis Medicine). Glaucoma is usually triggered by high intraocular pressure, the high pressure inside the eye continues to worsen until different types of blindness occur. Treating patients with glaucoma is another benefit of medicinal marijuana. When a number of studies of healthy patients and glaucoma patients were reviewed, marijuana was seen to reduce intraocular pressure by an astounding average of 25-30% and as high as 50%. With proper dosage of marijuana, intraocular pressure is reduced, thus helping to stop exacerbating the problem (Glaucoma Research Foundation).
Many cancer patients have attested to the harsh, mind numbing pain and catastrophic symptoms of the disease. Many commonly prescribed pharmaceutical medications have very severe side effects, effects that usually end up outweighing the benefits of the medicine. Reputable pharmaceutical drugs cost big money and many patients rack up hospital bills commonly above fifty thousand dollars for a few short weeks. Marijuana has been shown to do what many of

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