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There are four methods that may be utilised in implementing our solution. They are:
 Direct conversion
 Parallel conversion
 Phased conversion
 Pilot conversion
The following is a brief summary of each conversion method in the context of the Spice Hotel database solution
Direct Conversion
Direct conversion is an implementation process that involves essentially “switching off” the current system entirely and
“switching on” the new system to take its place all at once. The old system is no longer available for use from that point onward. In the context of the database solution for Spice Hotel, this would mean shelving the old paper‐based entry and lookup system entirely and have all users and participants use the new
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The advantage of this conversion method is that there exists some element of redundancy should the new system fall short of user/participant expectation or there is some catastrophic system failure with the new solution. The switch to the new system will occur at a time when EVERYONE is confident that the new system will perform the tasks it was originally intended for.
However, this conversion method is not without its disadvantages. First of all, there is the financial burden of running two systems concurrently. Secondly, there is double‐handling of data and associated operations. Look‐ups may be performed electronically, but data entry must be performed on both the current and the new system, which alludes to the third disadvantage, which is potential for data entry errors to occur as participants are entering in data electronically or copying data from the current paper‐based system to the new electronic system. The users and participants would need to be very well trained in order to minimise such errors. Going from a paper based system to a an electronic system is a significant step, hence the learning curve would also be as great.
Once again, in light of the fact that the disadvantages far outweigh the advantages, the recommendation would be NOT to employ a parallel conversion method when implementing the Spice Hotel database system.
Phased Conversion
Phased conversion involves a

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