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Fat‐Loss Secret # 1
1. The #1 make or break success factor is getting your mindset right! Looking back over the last couple of years at my clients who have had the most Jaw Dropping, Eye Popping Extreme results, and they all had a certain mind set before every workout. No, they didn’t put on war paint and go commando (well some of them did). Simply put, before every workout, they committed to giving 100%. No excuses, No complaining. Believe it or not, once you practice this mindset a few times, it becomes an easy habit. ● Mindset Tip – before each workout, visualize what is most important to you. Being healthy for your kids, looking ripped at the beach, having girls want your body, being the hottest girl at the club, etc. Picture
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Fat‐Loss Secret # 3
3. Unless you want to spend hours and hours in the gym, have a fast‐paced workout. Most people don’t have all day to work out (I sure don’t). By not resting in‐between exercises, you can build muscle and burn fat at the same time. I have personally tested this by putting a heart rate monitor on clients and comparing a fast‐paced, intense weight workout vs. taking a spin class. It was shocking to discover that they actually got more cardio in the fast paced weight workout than in the spin class. What could be better than saving time and melting away fat? ● Tip – Maintain a vigorous pace. Keep moving from exercise to exercise. One trick is to bring a pair of dumbbells next to a treadmill. Run for 60 seconds on the treadmill then jump off and do a dumbbell exercise, then get back on the treadmill. Keep alternating throughout the workout. Tip ‐ Plan your workouts ahead of time. Don’t waste time and let your heart rate go down trying to think of what to do next. Spending a little time planning your workouts will save you a lot of time and yield better results in the long run. Tip ‐ Pick exercises that do not require a lot of time to set up. It’s all about pace and saving time. Exercises that take more then a few seconds to set up let your heart rate go down and can add a lot of extra time to your workout. Tip ‐ Keep your routine flexible. If a piece of equipment that you need to use is occupied, don’t wait or

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