Long Ranger Essay

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About The Lone Ranger
The story of the Lone Ranger began in 1933 with the first radio broadcast of what would become a highly popular radio show that later expanded into movies and television. The story of the Lone Ranger follows a Texas Ranger who is the lone survivor when a band of outlaws kills all the other Texas Rangers he is riding with. Found barely alive after the brutal killings by a childhood friend, an American Indian named Tonto, the Texas Ranger (who is now the lone surviving Ranger from his group) is brought back to health by his friend and soon tames a wild stallion he names Silver. Together with Tonto and his trusty horse Scout, the Lone Ranger and Silver travel across the American West to help the helpless and right
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What can leadership learn from the loose cannon and the lone ranger?
The loose cannon is a person who is expected to perform a particular task, but who is out of control and dangerous. It refers to an irresponsible and reckless individual, whose behaviour endangers the group he or she belongs to.
The lone ranger in contrast is a solitary, sometimes heroic and mysterious person who is always seemingly alone in a wilderness that he does not quite call home, but alongside the lone ranger there is always his side kick Tonto riding beside him.
The challenge that many in leadership have is to clearly define the difference between a loose cannon and a lone ranger.
The loose cannon is about destruction, whereas the lone ranger is about justice.
The loose cannon is about undermining, whereas the lone ranger is about upholding.
The loose cannon is the leader of dissension, whereas the lone ranger is the leader of discussion.
So what do we, as leaders, do with those who are loose cannons? Let them explode, for what they sow they will reap. Secure the friendship of those whom may have come under the spell of the loose cannon, and when the fallout occurs, and it will, then there will be a greater chance of restoration of those who have been unwittingly following the loose cannon – the one whose only plan was ever to destroy.
But then what do you do with the maverick – the one who exhibits great independence in both thought and action – the lone

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