Leadership Essay

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An increasing number of educators have begun to discuss how leadership evolves to match this quickly changing world. Usually people believe good leaders should have outstanding charisma and skills in order to lead successfully. This essay, however, will examine the servant style of leaderships which, rather than relying upon command and control, is structured from the bottom-up. That is, servant leaders approach the organizational goals by establishing the organization’s norms to help people who is in need.(Tiaki, 2014). Servant leadership is of 3 core elements: listening, conceptualization and stewardship. This essay will discuss these three elements and demonstrate how they work in action by examining the life and exploits of Martin …show more content…
Given these circumstances it is likely that good servant leaders can listen actively to people’s requirements and put people’s needs first to build up beliefs for people to trust.

Secondly, a servant leader is unique to the followers because their ability in conceptualization enables them to convey conscious awareness into realistic concepts for people to chase or adore. In other words, people are not just attracted by servant leaders’ vivid dreams or impressive ambitions but by their convincing and persuasive declarations, owing to conceptualizations. Randy Martin(2013) asserts “conceptualization as the mental process whereby fuzzy and imprecise notions are made more specific and detailed, the process through which we specify precisely what we mean when we use a particular term”. For example, the Jane Goodall Institute Australia is a humanitarianism organization in Australia, which looks after nonhuman beings especially chimpanzee. The organization clearly built up the idea of zoophile(a person who is devoted to protections of animals) and embedded it in into its beliefs and actions(Goodall, 2010). As a result more generations now are aware of the importance of animal rights than in the past and willing to be engaged in rescuing animals as their duty. Since a good conceptualization can transfer the puzzling and unclear perspectives into more transparent and specific

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