Lament for a Son Essay

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Lament for a Son: Stages of Grieving

When a family loses one of them, the issue presents a period of difficulty for every person especially when they lose the hope that they will ever meet again. Grief presents various challenges to the individual that loses a person and can lead them to difficult situations that include depression (Brown, 2010). Different circumstances result in the death of the loved ones, and their variations also present differing ways that their family and friends will react to the issues. Nicholas Wolterstorff reflects on the periods and events that ensued in his life after the loss of his son Eric in the book Lament for a Son. The narrative is an important reflection of the steps that a person undergoes as a part
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The second stage of grieving is anger that develops when a person realizes that their denial will never be consistent with the truth that the event has occurred (Kubler-Ross, 2011). The grieving person will then start seeking justification on what exactly places them in the context of the problem with questions such as "why me?" and "Why not someone else." Wolterstorff (1987) develops this attitude when he starts wondering why his son had to be in the mountains at that time and not somewhere else. The author starts imagining on how he would playback time and watch Eric and make him do the right thing from the exact moment he wakes on that fateful day. The implication is that Wolterstorff is angry of everything that his son did that day before his death and saw every step as the cause. He expresses his feeling that everybody had something to do with the death of his son. He wonders how none of those people could do something just to deviate Eric from going to the mountains or at least go there at another time. He feels that the whole thing is wrong, he questions on the morals that society gives him when he has to bury his son (Wolterstorff, 1987).

The third stage is bargaining, and it involves instances where an individual feels like they can throw something into the equation to even ou their situation (Kubler-Ross, 2011). It is an attempt that the person makes to postpone the pain they are feeling and

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