Essay Kot Task 1

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KOT Task 1
B. Leadership Strategies
A nurse can be involved in an interdisciplinary team and provide leadership without officially being a formal leader. A leader is not just a title; it is reflected in attitudes and actions of the individual. A leader identifies a problem and seeks solutions to this problem. Because a nurse works directly at the patient bedside, the nurse has a unique position to see many problems first hand and can become an advocate for the patient. Acting as this patient advocate, the nurse can be a leader by identifying the problems and coordinating efforts with the entire team for a solution. The nurse must communicate effectively to make sure information is relayed correctly and in ways each team member can
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When all team members show respect and share in communication, the common goal of improving patient care can be obtained.
Another way a nurse can be involved with the team is by identifying a problem within a work flow and coordinate with each member of the team to create a better, more seamless workflow. This allows for patient care to flow smoothly and reassures the patient that all team members are working together. Outcomes are improved by this collaboration. The nurse shows commitment to the team by educating staff and returning with feedback for a continued loop of communication and improvement.

D. Culture of Safety
The Institute of Healthcare Improvement defines the four characteristics of a culture of safety as psychological safety, active leadership, transparency and fairness (“Culture of Safety”, 2011). All throughout healthcare, an environment of safety must be established in order to improve patient care. Effective leaders must set the tone of the unit and be an example to staff. This includes opening communication, allowing staff to feel safe in asking questions or expressing concerns, and promoting educational opportunities. Leaders encourage staff to ask for help and should be approachable and share information. If a mistake occurs, an active leader allows the person safety in reporting it without fear of being penalized. This is known as psychological safety. This allows not

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