Essay on Job Satisfaction

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There is a level of job satisfaction for each person and each job performed. Problems occur when people are not happy with their jobs. In this lesson, we will look at causes for job dissatisfaction as well as employee responses.

Job Dissatisfaction
Not everyone can be satisfied with their job. As a matter of fact, in a 2012 survey conducted by Right Management, 65% of individuals that were surveyed were either somewhat or totally unsatisfied with their jobs. Now, you might be thinking that this is a problem here in the U.S., but it is a worldwide problem. In a Mercer study of 30,000 workers worldwide, between 28% and 56% of workers around the globe wanted to leave their jobs.

With all these unhappy people, one would think there have
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In addition, they could see someone who does the same job they are doing driving a better car or living in a better house - and thus, perceive that person to be making more money. And so, once again, they believe they are underpaid. You see, unless you know what others are making or research the wages that are appropriate for a specific job function, then the dissatisfaction that comes from being underpaid is totally based on perception. From a company's perspective, it is a valuable and important perspective because individuals who are dissatisfied with the money they are making, for the job they do, will most likely leave the organization.

Limited career growth: Not having the opportunity to climb the ladder and grow your career is another area that can foster dissatisfaction with a position. For this aspect, it is important to understand that not everyone wants to move up the ladder. However, for those who do, if the company does not afford them the opportunity of growth, they will become disenchanted and become dissatisfied with their job. This could mean that the employee will potentially leave for another position that might have better career growth opportunities.

Lack of interest: A lack of interest is having a position that does not interest you. This is a very straightforward concept, but you might be wondering why anyone would take a job they were not interested in. Well, the first answer to that is

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