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Globalisation is a complex contemporary issue posing challenges for international businesses and it is essential for them to respond to the challenges appropriately in order to succeed (Dunning, 1999). This essay will examine the issue of globalisation with a focus on business schools. It will also attempt to analyse how global business education providers have adapted in order to satisfy the requirements of local students. The analysis will further examine the wider connotations of the phenomenon as an important contemporary challenge faced by modern businesses and managers (Andrews)

Globalisation- A Paradox
Academics have highlighted the debate and development of globalisation and its effect on businesses and education().
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This closely relates to the CAGE framework devised by Ghemawat (2007), a professor at the successful US, Harvard business school. He highlights that there is a requirement to address cultural, administrative, geographic and economic distances, in order for the global success of a business. Nevertheless, it is asserted that business schools should strive to deliver culturally diverse pedagogy in order to enhance education (Business Education FT ). For instance, INSEAD is ranked the top global business school and has adopted the export model with campuses around the world. It is suggested that its success stems from its global perspective and approach, as its aims are to gather cultures and ideas from around the world (INSEAD, 2015). However, there may be risks of the export model resulting from external factors such as compliance with foreign laws and manoeuvring cultural and language barriers. Further, these may not localise as they are with the import model and can spread rapidly across locations (). Therefore, a business school operating in several global locations may need to ensure that although there are risks, appropriate adaptation of challenges is required to meet the cultural, educational and economic needs of the locals students.

Are global strategies effective?

Schutte () argues that business schools have not responded appropriately or effectively to the challenges, as they have remained unchanged since the 1960s

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