Information Risks - Kudler Fine Foods Essay

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Internal Control and Risk Evaluation

Kudler Fine Foods requested information on the controls that would be required if the company chose to follow the flowcharts prepared by Team A in Week Two. The following information will analyze the risks, identify the risks and internal control points, design internal controls, evaluate the application of internal controls, and discuss other controls.
Risks With Point of Sale Cloud Computing
After discussion, Team A chose to recommend a Point of Sale Cloud Computing System to Kudler Fine Foods. By design, the Cloud Computing System allows a company to determine how much capacity is needed and allows them to change the scalability as needed. Kudler Fine Foods would no longer need to be concerned
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Other risks to take into consideration when using a Cloud Computing system are shared technology issues, data loss or leakage, account or service hijacking, and unknown risk profile. The unknown risk profile includes considering additional questions, like “How are your data and related logs stored and who has access to them?” (“CSA Threats”, 2010).
Identifying Risks and Internal Control Points
Once the risks have been identified, it becomes much easier to create and implement internal control points. After analyzing the flowcharts created in Week Two, the risks and internal control points have been identified in the Appendix. Each area of the business that involves sensitive information being passed through an online system, like Cloud Computing, needs to be up-to-date with security technology to avoid any issues like hijacking. Constant awareness and updating helps to reduce these issues. When used along with internal controls, sensitive information is more secure, which means customers will feel safer doing business with Kudler Fine Foods.
Internal Controls for Systems
If Kudler Fine Foods decides to use a Cloud Computing system, the company needs to find a provider that is diligent in keeping their systems updated with the most current technology. Unfortunately, when using a system that is not

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