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1. HR Consultancy Firm 6
2. Overview of HRM In Bangladesh 7
3. HRM Becomes Significant for Business Organization 8
4. Eduext Ltd. Profile 9 4.1 Values of Eduext Ltd. 9 4.2 Vision of Eduext Ltd. 9 4.3 Mission of Eduext Ltd. 9
5. Organogram of Eduext Ltd. 10
6. Eduext Ltd. Activities 10 6.1 Non-technical Business Skills 11 6.2 Education 11 6.3 Training and Development Services 11 6.4 Eduext Ltd. Training Programmes 12 6.5 Compensation Survey & Design 12 6.6 Eduext Head Hunting Services 13 6.7 Eduext Ltd. HR Consulting 13
7. Eduext Ltd. Core Strategies 13
8. Outsourcing Recruitment Process by Eduext Ltd. 14 8.1 Eduext Strengths: 14
9. HR Consultancy Services By Eduext Ltd. 15
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The HR manager will also promote and fight for value, ethics, beliefs, and spirituality with their organizations. And to aid HR professionals.
HR consultancy firm are experts in leading, changing and developing high-performing organizations. They are able to leverage on the expertise of our executives to provide result-oriented consulting services to the clients.

2. Overview of HRM In Bangladesh

The role of the Human Resource Manager is evolving with the change in competitive market environment and the realization that Human Resource Management must play a more strategic role in the success of an organization. Organizations that do not put their emphasis on attracting and retaining talents may find themselves in dire consequences, as their competitors may be outplaying them in the strategic employment of their human resources. In Bangladesh ‘the concept of HR’ is not very old. But within last 7 to 10 years it is widely practiced and now maximum large company keeps a department of Human Resource Management. As we move into the 'new economy', the focus on people and knowledge has steadily increased. Today, companies face new challenges in dealing with issues such as the scarcity of talent, the value of ideas/knowledge and the changing preferences of the labor market. Consequently, successful HR strategies

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