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Migration Remittances

Dear Sir/Madame,
Thank you for participating to this survey. This research seeks to explain how and if Egyptian abroad remit (money and ideas) to their country of origin. It will take just 10 minutes of your time. All the answers are private and will be used just for academic purposes.
1. Where do you live?

2. What is your age?

• Under 18 years old • 18-24 years old • 25-34 years old • 35-44 years old • 45-54 years old • 55-64 years old • 65-74 years old • 75 years or older

3. What is your sex?



4. What is your current marital status?

• Single, never married • Married or domestic partnership • Widowed • Divorced • Separated

5. How is your household
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How do you send the money? (Choose the most used ones)
• Friends/Relatives travelling home
• [pic]Bank transfers
• [pic]Money trasmitting service
• [pic]Debit card
• [pic]Other (please specify)

17. How are these money usually spend?
• Education
• [pic]Healthcare
• [pic]Goods imported
• [pic]Emergencies
• [pic]Other (please specify) 18. Does the money remitted are invested in Egypt? (To invest means to spend money on something that then gives you more money (e.g. shop, agricultural land, real estate, etc.)
• Yes
• [pic]No
• Prefer not to say 19. If yes, what is the kind of investment?

20. If you don’t send the money for investmentnot, what is the reason?
• Financial difficulty
• [pic]Legal constraints
• [pic]Risks
• [pic]Religious belief
• [pic]Few information
• [pic]Prefer to invest in the destination country
• [pic]Bureaucratic constraints
• [pic]Corruption
• [pic]Other (please specify) 21. Do you know any programme that encourage investments in Egypt?
• Yes
• [pic]No 22. What do you think should be improved in Egypt to encourage investments?

23. Do you usually receive information about what is happening in Egypt?

• Yes
• [pic]No
• Sometimes 24. If yes, how do you collect information from Egypt?
• Telephone
• [pic]Newspapers
• [pic]Internet
• [pic]Radio
• [pic]Television
• [pic]Other (please specify)

25. Which of the following

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