Essay about Human Memory

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Human Memory
The human memory is one of the most interesting things to learn about but also one of the most challenging. In this essay I will explore the human memory and how it relates to the following things: information processing theory, nature of sensory register, and the role of attention. I will also explain to the best of my ability the nature of the working memory, how the brain connect new information with prior knowledge and the nature of long term memory. Finally I will provide strategies as to how a person can transfers something to their long term memory and how a person can enhance retrieval of information from their long term memory.
As technology has advanced thorough the years the human brain has been compared to
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Our working memory is a system for storing and managing the information to carry out complex tasks such as learning and comprehension. The working memory is also involved when we are storing or retrieving data. Some tasks we perform on a daily basis involve our working memory include reading and problem solving. Our prior knowledge of things is very important in the learning process. When we are learning something new we have a tendency to associate it to things we have previous knowledge of. An example of how our connects new information with prior knowledge would be the concept of math. When we are around 2 or 3 years old we learn the concept of numbers, when we go into kindergarten we use those same numbers and begin to learn the next step in math which is addition and subtraction as we continue through school even in college those numbers a major part of our education. One way to help our students successfully connect new information with prior knowledge would be to use a KWL Chart. KWL gives the students the opportunity to list what they already know about the subject, what they want to learn about the subject and what they learned. This is an excellent resource for a teacher as well because you can see if you reached your goal of what your lesson was focused on. Every person also has a part of their brain that hold their long term memories ,unlike your short term memory where you sometimes only

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