Essay on Human Capital

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Group dynamics
Sometimes group dynamics can’t be understood through just reading books or case studies.It can be best learnt or understood when seen or experienced. Group dynamics refers to a system of behaviors and psychological processes occurring within a social group (intragroup dynamics), or between social groups (intergroup dynamics). The study of group dynamics can be useful in understanding decision-making behavior, tracking the spread of diseases in society, creating effective therapy techniques, and following the emergence and popularity of new ideas and technologies.Group dynamics are at the core of understanding racism, sexism, and other forms of social prejudice and discrimination. These applications of the field are studied
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One is too rigid to change and the other wants to go to his baseball match and doesn’t bother what becomes of the accused. When a group becomes too confident and fails to think realistically about its task, groupthink can occur. Since it takes a longer time to communicate and reach a consensus in a group, decision making in a group is time-consuming. But juror no. 8 doesn’t fall prey to the groupthink error and stands against the group. After this, the movie is very intense. Juror no. 8 agrees that he is unsure whether the accused is guilty or not but he wants some discussion on the case. From here on the movie not only presents the discussion but also reveals the type of each individual in detail.

Juror no.1 tries to impose order in his capacity as Leader(or Foreman). He plays the role of “leader”, A simple man who clearly does not understand the complexity of the task that lies before him but is trying to do everything not to let anyone else find this out. He appears at ease only once during the film – when he talks about football. He has the misfortune to be selected Foreman of the jury – a task he clearly does not enjoy. Juror no.2 is a small, quiet man who is clearly unaccustomed to giving his own opinion much less to expecting his views to be of any importance. In his subdued “observer” and meek “information giver” role, No. 2 apparently finds comfort in his job – he is an accountant. Juror no. 3 is

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