Huanghexiao Essay

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English 103 section 20
Spring 2013
Mrs. Mary Clark-Flynn
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General Information

BOOKS Read, Reason, Write: an argument text and reader; ed. Dorothy U. Seyler The Purdue OWL
Ball Point online URL

MATERIALS Two Pocket Folders Flash drives or what ever you need to save your work Course description:
English 103: Rhetoric and Writing (3) Introduces and develops understanding of principles of rhetoric; basic research methods; elements, strategies, and conventions of persuasion used in constructing written and
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As an outcome of the course content and format, which enable the accomplishment of the course goals, students in ENG 103 are required to complete: * Four or more writing projects, approximately three to four pages each that address different rhetorical situations * Reading assignments for discussion, analysis, and response * Informal writing assignments (such as journals, reading reflections, in-class writings, or smaller pieces that lead to the major writing assignments).

WRITING The main focus of

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