Hsn 220 Week 2 Essay

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Contemporary Problems
As American’s, we owe our freedom to the men and women who protect us through their military service, especially those who have been deployed and risked their lives so that we can maintain the privileges afforded to us simply by living in America. Unfortunately, our country has not taken enough measures to protect and restore the mental health of the veterans who have protected us. According to Jaycox eds. and Tanielian (2008) “About One-Third of Returning Service members Report Symptoms of a Mental Health or Cognitive Condition” and approximately 19.5% of our returning veterans have experienced a probable traumatic brain injury (TBI) (p. 492). While the Department of Defense (DoD) and the Veterans Association (VA)
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There are a few possible causes for the lack of treatment for this population. Many VA Centers are more adept at catering to the healthcare needs of older veterans and lack the providers for the mental health care needs of younger returning servicemen. The lack in providers leads to lengthy appointment waits combined with limited resources to meet the needs of these individuals. (“Invisible Wounds Mental Health and Cognitive Care Needs of America’s Returning Veterans,” 2008).
The stigma attached to mental health issues is another deterrent of the proper receipt of mental health /TBI care for veterans. The figure below is indicative of the research that supports military servicemen’s fear of negative consequences of accessing mental health care and their distrust of the confidentiality of providers. The fear of negative impact on their career was most prevalent with active duty service members. (“Invisible Wounds Mental Health and Cognitive Care Needs of America’s Returning Veterans,” 2008). The Department of Defense as well as the Veterans Association are aware of the need for improvement in the quality and quantity of the psychological health needs of the military service members. While the cost of treating these conditions could be high, it has been recognized that because of the impact that these

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