Hrm 587 Communicating the Change Essay

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Athena Giokaris
Week 6
Communicating the Change The Target Corporation has undergone many changes due to the 2013 security breach where hackers stole personal information from credit and debit cards of at least 70 million customers. Target sales and reputation has dropped from this instance, thus eliciting changes in their security systems, changes in management, and a few policy changes in handling customer information. With the public eye on the corporation’s handling of the situation, Target has been communicating these changes through various means. The changes they needed to communicate were informing customers of the security breach, addressing the bad press coverage to shareholders, downsizing of employees, and
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This firm suggested firing the Board of Directors, as it was their responsibility to protect the company from these breaches. The shareholders, however, decided to re-elect the same board, but stressed the importance of their responsibilities (Forbes, 2014). Somehow the Board of Directors were able to convince the shareholders to not fire them, and I imagine they had set up a meeting to acknowledge what happened was their responsibility and to re-establish confidence in their team. They would have had a change plan set up for review to show the shareholders that firing them would be more detrimental to the company than would be hiring a brand new board. Obviously whatever they did was effective, I would think they were able to provide ideas for the company to get back on its feet and accept the responsibility of protecting the company from future breaches.
It is said that Target Corp.’s breach started with “a malware-laced email phishing attack sent to employees at an HVAC firm that did business with the nationwide retailer,” (KrebsOnSecurity, 2014). There is a belief that the breach traces back to network credentials given by Target Corp. to Fazio Mechanical, where it was stolen through the use of malware in an email. Due to an active investigation, both companies have not provided any comments regarding these statements, which is understandable. Target Corp.

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