Essay on Hofstede, Cultural Constraints in Management Theories

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Read one paper about Hofstede or Kolhberg « Cultural constraints in management theories » « Management scientists are human ». Find an example company from your country to explain the company development.

Hofstede, « Cultural constraints in management theories »

To explain these cultural constraints in management theories, I choose the French company Renault. Renault is an historical group, strongly present in Europe. Renault has always been a vector for innovation. It is the 2nd French car manufacturer and possesses three brands: Renault, Dacia and Renault Samsung Motors.

I/Introduction to the subject
The source of the issue
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Particularly on the engineers and technicians of the “Technocentre”, whom have a lot of responsibilities on the company’s future. This situation led to a complex knot of issues that we revealed and solved in the next parts, according to our IOB courses and acknowledge.
II/ The cultural constraints and their origins A) Organization design
Renault is based on a partitioned system and a very strict top to bottom hierarchy. This conducts to a lack of communication within the staff and a lower knowledge of what is happening among the employees.It creates uncertainty that leads to stress and conflict and creates misunderstanding and tensions between employees which affects the quality of their work. Plus, the lack of communication also exists between the top and the bottom of the corporate ladder. Superior managers don’t see the contradictions between what has to be done and what is actually done. It creates some management dysfunctions and imbalances in the tasks that have to be accomplished. Plus, it leads to a lower knowledge of what is happening among the employees.
Furthermore, we notice a bureaucratization of the system which means “a tendency to manage by adding more controls, adherence to rigid procedures, and attention to every detail for the own sake of the company“. This state brings on no

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