Hiv Epidemiology Essay

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HIV Epidemiology

HIV Epidemiology
For the epidemiology paper I chose to write about HIV. HIV is growing concern in the community and too many people are uneducated about the seriousness of this disease. HIV is terminal illness; it will eventually consume your life at some point. There are treatment options out there but being compliant with the medication regimen is crucial to the maintenance and management of this disease.
HIV also known as the Human Immunodeficiency Virus; with HIV the virus replicates and attacks our immune system causing it to go haywire. With the suppression of our immune systems it puts people with HIV at a bigger risk for infection and other common illnesses. People with HIV the common cold can be very
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Those infected with HIV will have to be started on a medication regime but it will based on any other current illnesses, past medical history, and the progression of the disease. Since there is no cure for the disease the medications are only to maintain the disease and help prevent the progression into AIDS. The medications will be a lifelong therapy and as long as it detected early on and stay compliant with their treatment program; majority of people are able to lead a normal life and live a long life.
When discussing the prevalence of HIV in our communities it has everything to do with social health determinants. Health determinants are the factors that are put in place that put as at a risk for the disease at hand based on our health, job, environment, as well as the person’s social and economic backgrounds. People who in poverty and poor communities have increased risk to contract the HIV virus. More than likely the people living in these communities are living in bad conditions and statistically show low education status. They are more prone to be drug users and lack the knowledge needed to prevent the spread of HIV. When working in healthcare we put ourselves at risk as well especially if we are working with a patient who is HIV positive. We have to be very careful when working with any blood from the patient as well has other bodily secretions. We need to be educated ourselves about the disease and

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