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Dear, Governor Rich Scott
Why do you believe that our right are not absolute? It fairly simple, because if each person could do what they pleases, the people rights would interrupted and eventually lead to confusion. The authority must balance separable individual rights with the community virtuous otherwise, general well-being of the good of the people. Whereas, the constitution and the amendment defend the people rights. That allows the authority to pass laws and limits behaviors, as quote in the constitution preamble “establish, insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense and promote the general welfare of the country.” The constitution safeguards and limits individuals rights are both considered to be suitable of
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The officials should agree with me because, they would feel the same way if their house was been evacuated without their consent and a judge permission because that is violated their privacy in their own homes and that is a huge issue in everyone parts.
Another, event that occurred in my community is when the government prevented the press from publishing graphic photos of victims of the natural disaster to protect the privacy of the victim’s family. The constitutional amendment that relates to that specific situation is the First amendment, which guarantees the right of a free press to publish text and images and protects different aspects of "free expression." The argument that could made for or against the government on preventing the press from publishing graphic photos of victims of the natural disaster to protect their privacy would be that roughly half of the people would believe that it’s too drastic to show to the world what’s really happening that they should kept it into a minimum that they can show to their children that may have parents and family members lost in that disaster. About half of the other percent of the people would be gracious of the

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