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BGCSE Coursework Question: 2 Study Sources C & D

Explain the impact migrants had on social and economical development of The Bahamas in the twentieth century. (15 marks)

Migration has always been in existence from the beginning of time. The Loyalist were the first who arrived to the Bahamas with their slaves in the late 1700's to our current date. There were many that migrated to The Bahamas such as; Chinese, Lebanese, Greeks, Haitians and the Jews. A single migrant may engage in three types of migration in his or her lifetime. These include, long stay residence short stay residence and return migration. The migration dynamic reflects the interplay of international, national and highly personal
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Ethnic tensions persist between Chinese-Bahamians and others. Business owners in particular have historically felt threatened by the success of the Chinese community in the country. Leading to Chinese-Bahamians being somewhat socially ostracized. This has in turned led to more social self segregation by the Chinese-Bahamian community, Personally I felt like the Chinese came to The Bahamas and used their heads firstly, they worked collectively as a team one accord. Also our Bahamian people felt threaten. We as Bahamians are too relaxed. However, migration, poverty, ill health and sheer ignorance had a serious effects on the majority population, especially those crammed into Over the Hill Nassau, the delicate equilibrium was sustained by other factors than subtle social subdivisions, even (perhaps especially) when economic conditions deteriorated in the 1930s. Second, the Greeks- Greeks were considered poor but they were indeed great with their hands. The very first arrivals seem to have been simple fishermen, sponsored by mainland Greek sponge merchants seeking to expand the business worldwide. This group of individuals viewed a vision to succeed. The second wave of Greek immigrants Aegean is landers marginally less impoverished but still sponsored, whose intended function was to act as a sponge processors, agents or middlemen for the Greek-dominate international market were disliked by the Bahamians sponge

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