Essay on Hip Hop History

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Alex Rangel

Research Paper

The genre of music called “Hip Hop,” originated back in the 1960’s with the help of a Jamaican native and Dj, named Kool Hurc aka, Clive Cambell. Since the evolution of hip hop, the style of music has become one of the main branches of an artistic culture that consists of b-boying (break dancing), graffiti, and MC-ing. All of which have tremendously influenced many aspiring artists, their physical images, the ever-changing sound of hip hop, and other elements that relate to the hip hop culture. A lot of people claim that hip hop and rap can only be about violence, aggression, sex, and money in order to sell or be popular. Another view on hip hop and rap is that it’s too violent, and
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I think these sources are important to the history of hip hop because they talk about some of the major events that happened during the evolution of the music industry.
I picked the article/review as a primary source because it makes a connection with what has been discussed in lecture. I think the review is positive, and enlightening, Peter Watrous’s review on De La Soul and their performance at The Ritz, was an exceptional complement. Watrous said that De La soul is “in many ways, the perfect group for the mostly college-age audience. The three musicians were witty, they avoided the sexism and self-aggrandizement that filters through much of hip hop, and they looked middles class”. I believe that Watrous saw that De La Soul was successful during the 1980’s with their certain style of music, a style that separates them from other groups such as public enemy. De La Soul’s style was psychedelic and their music gave off a “good happy” kind of feeling. Many people believe that rap and hip hop is all about drugs, money, sex, you name it; it’s that kind of music that sells. But with De La Soul, it was a different story. Their album “Three Feet High and Rising” was an amazing album even though they weren’t rapping about shooting people, drugs, women, etc. In relation to De La Souls achievements because of their style, in lecture we talked about Grandmaster Flash and The Furious Five’s “The Message”, a song that is about social issues in the inner city of New

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