Hiding a Disability Essay

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Hiding a Disability
Craig Kendzie
January 14, 2014
Tammy Matthews

Hiding a Disability
Many people did not know that our former President Franklin D Roosevelt was paralyzed from the waist down. They believed if the public was aware of this that they would not have voted for him due to this shortcoming. He would wear very long pants and his braces were painted black to help disguise his disability. He would also address the public while seated in his automobile. President Roosevelt physical impairment in no way affected his performance in representing this county. It is a shame that society is judgmental and narrow when it deals with the disabled. Watching this short film opens your eyes on how we may or may not be
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They thought it would be best for the former president to mislead the public rather than being upfront with his disability. Society today has made many efforts to give the disabled the same opportunities as everyone.
These issues are not relevant to the organization, but it greatly influenced their personal decisions. His disability was physical not mental therefore, should have no bearing on what he could do for our country. Some of societies narrow views helped to influence his organization to mislead, or avoid that fact of his condition. They thought they were doing the right thing at that point in time and they may have. People have lied or mislead on a lot worse issues. It did afford him the opportunity to show that his disability would not impair him from performing his duties as president.
They may have been within the legal guidelines with the way they wanted everyone to perceive him but they did not bear well as ethics standpoint. Something may be legal and when violated they can be punished by the law. Tricking the public and convincing a man to hide his impairment is just wrong. There may have been good that come out of this, but they could have chosen a different route. When we conduct ourselves legally and ethically to accomplish our goals, we can feel better and know in our mind we have done the right thing.
Hiding a disability to gain a position is equally unethical as is discrimination against the

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