Essay on Heroes

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T. Kelley
Professor Fox
English II, 11 am
Due: 30 Nov 2012
After more than 10 years of combat, the media has given many soldiers the title of hero. Jessica Lynch was one Soldier who was given the title hero. Was she truly a hero? What actions merited such a label? Pat Tillman also received the coveted title of hero, despite much controversy. Pat Tillman’s label of heroism occurred because of his strong social status. However, the word hero in Tillman’s case was misused to disguise actual events or cover up the misfortunes of war. Shoshona Johnson would be called a hero as well. Shoshana Johnson and Lynch were captured the same day but because of race, one hero would receive more accolades than the other. These soldiers
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These were the exact questions the media wanted to answer in their effort to label Jessica Lynch a hero. As reported by Christopher Taylor, “There were calls for her to be awarded various medals, there was controversy over a woman being in a combat situation, and the media had finally found a hero in the Iraq war; a woman! Only, almost everything that was reported about her turned out to be wrong” (Taylor). The media’s immediate recognition given to Jessica Lynch was based heavily on her gender. Iraq wasn’t a war that had much popularity when it was approved. The twenty-four hour coverage of Iraq did nothing more than remind Americans that we were vulnerable to terrorist attacks. Day after day, reporters would show the collateral damage that occurred from the bomb strikes. There was nothing positive to report on. Once Lynch’s convoy was attacked, reporters would shift from reporting about collateral damage to reporting on the American Soldiers who have been killed, injured and captured. Furthermore, the media was looking for a positive story to spark new attention for viewers. The day to day reporting of combat began to lose its appeal to viewers and only showed American dominance on the battlefield. That is, of course, until a white, blonde haired, blue-eyed female Soldier transformed the headlines and was ideal candidate to be labeled the next generation’s hero for females. The opportunity Lynch provided for the media

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