Healthcare Educational Resources Essay

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Healthcare Educational Resources
BSHS/375 - Information Systems and Technology Human Services
25 May 2015

Healthcare Educational Resources

Healthcare educational resources are available in just about every state within the United States, as well as different countries globally. Many states offer specialized programs, provide educational resources, and information on local and domestic organizations that provide specialized equipment to meet the various needs of people. The target population types range from children with disabilities in an educational setting to the elderly who may need a wheelchair or other technological device to assist them with daily routine functionality. People with different disabilities require specialized
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The reviewed states follow a standardized "universal design" approach in offering educational and assistive technology. Usage of the universal education approach is an outlined method, conveying items and administrations that are usable by individuals with disabilities. The service incorporates items (devices) and administrations (specialized IEP) that are straightforwardly open (without obliging assistive advancements) and items and administrations that are interoperable with assistive advances. The Americans Disability Act regulations are being followed by the states reviewed. More specifically each state is following a standardized approach to providing assistive technology devices when necessary, to help accommodate individuals with disabilities. These laws have been developed to protect and assist the person who has one or more disabilities and create a solid baseline for each state to follow. Title II, Public Accommodations of the ADA, obliges states who provide services to individuals with disabilities be free from discrimination. With the each state having no choice but to adhere to the mentioned federal laws, it ensures standardization in how each state operates in providing quality service for those in need of services.
Individuals with disabilities lead healthy, liberated, and fruitful lives in part due to assistive technology. There are several features and resources that are available under

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