Health Care Issues in the United States Essay

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Explain how health is affected by behaviors, economics, and social structure.

Health is affected by everything that individuals do; such as smoking, eating and sleeping. Behavior which is unusually defined as how we carry our self or how we act plays a huge part in individuals health. When it comes to behaviors any economy status or social structure has it's negative and positive behaviors. Some people who come from lower social class structures are introduced to drugs, alcohol and abuse, that is all they know. That then causes health issues and addiction for those who can't get away or out of it. Even some individuals in a higher economic class have negative behaviors such as having parties where lots of alcohol and wine are
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“Need for health care services is defined as an interpretation of an individual's evaluated requirements for obtaining professional care through the health services system.” (pg 42) Technology for the health care system is only created based on the need of the patients and what physicians feel is necessary. The next stage or reference is the Demand, technology is in a huge demand due to chronic illness, infectious disease and cancer just to name a few. Chemotherapy, radiation or x-rays they were created based on a demand of some type. As defined in the book; “Demand is a function of an individual's actually seeking out, but not necessarily obtaining, health services, while it could be an assessment by a professional or a self initiated desire.” (pg 42) Utilization is the last stage or reference in the book which is basically when the technology is in use or used. So if the technology is created will it actually be used to help or cure the issue in question. Sometimes the demand is high but once the finished product is put out the demand is no longer high. With diseases and cancers becoming so rebellious it makes it harder to create or even think fast enough to be put out when the demand or need is crazy high.
Describe the major trends in population demographics over the past 80 years Despite the population growing every

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