Hcs/465 Essay

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HCS/465- Health Care Reseach

Studies to prove childhood obesity is a disease are conducted often. The studies that are conducted are to help prevent and cure childhood obesity. There are several ways each study is conducted. Throughout this paper one will learn of at least one way a study was conducted, and the results of that particular study. One will learn of the information that was collected as well as the procedure to keep the results and information private. The study that one will learn about throughout this paper on childhood obesity will give one some basic information that was used to show what areas are affected by childhood obesity and will also show one that childhood obesity not only starts at home but carries over
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The results in this study on childhood obesity used facts from the National Survey of Children’s Health and from the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention. The researchers of this study used nonlinear regression model when the study first began. This study used descriptive analysis for the results of the data collected. This type of analysis was appropriate for the childhood obesity study because if gave description of the results and the data collected on the children’s BMI (body mass index) and age. The BMI of each child and the age, and sex of the child was compared the results gathered in previous studies done by the National Survey of Children’s Health. The results of the study have shown how the parents, school system, and the social life of children affect the chances of a child becoming obese. By using the descriptive analysis the researchers were able to see in specific detail where the majority of children live and how to guide them away from becoming obese. There are distinctions between qualitative and quantitative data in this study on childhood obesity. The first being qualitative research, which uses description of the research, not numbers such as one for the worst and 10 for the best. With qualitative research the researcher are more concerned with the process than the outcome. The qualitative research was concerned with the poverty level of the subjects and the surroundings of the children involved with the study. With a

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