Harley-Davidson: Preparing for the Next Century Essay

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Harley-Davidson: Preparing for the Next Century Topic#1 Historically, how did Harley-Davidson manage to dominate the U.S. Market? What were its sources of competitive advantage? Starting in the 1970s Harley-Davidson got into trouble, what changed? Externally? Internally? Next, the sources of competitive advantages that Harley-Davidson had was the established an image of “raw power,” which became its major selling point. The most distinctive feature of Harley was the V-twin engine. It gave Harley motorcycles an aggressive appearance of raw power and the ability to deliver broad but low-torque power. Harley’s heavy use of chrome, its low-profile appearance, the styled tail fenders, and the chop of the front fork also highlighted the …show more content…
This association resulted in unprecedented brand loyalty, especially among U.S. customers, that continues to this day. A typical Harley motorcycle owner cites its American manufacture and character as its most attractive and distinguishable feature. Next, about the internally, It is because Japanese motorcycle manufacturers see the weak point of sell of Harley motorcycles. It entered one geographic region at a time with lightweight motorcycles that required little or no maintenance and were easier to handle compared to Harley bikes (Harley motorcycles weighed between 450 and 800 pounds). These characteristics attracted younger riders, women, and older riders; riders who could not afford the more expensive Harley motorcycles; bikers who did not want to tinker with the motorcycles; and those who could not muscle them around steep curves. The Japanese manufacturers also were skilled at mass-producing motorcycles efficiently. They constantly improved and redesigned their products to counter potential market threats, and they reduced the time it took to introduce newer models. Consumers preferring the technical advances being offered by the Japanese motorcycle manufacturers flocked to them. During this time, few, if any, technological improvements were made to Harley with a quality declined. Then after Harley's overall market share declined, and it was transformed into a “niche” player. Topic #2: What were the major ingredients of Harley-Davidson’s

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