Essay on Groups and Teams

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Groups and Teams
Kit Sumpter
May 2, 2011
Randall Voss

Groups and Teams Each and every individual is important to their company and every company delegates different individuals to different tasks, groups, or teams. Many people do not emphasize the difference between a group and a team; in fact they often do not think about it or even realize that there is one but in business there is a great difference. The following pages will go into more detail to explain the differences and their importance and how workplace diversity plays a key role in teamwork within the workplace.

There is no doubt that more often than not, an objective is more easily reached if there is more than one individual is working towards it.
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Every company has its product or specializes in something that their client base needs and that is why teamwork is so important within the workplace and why, in business, there is so much importance between a group or a team. Here we will point out some of the differences that define a group from a team. Groups do not necessarily work towards the same goals, may be selected for a single commonality, may only take moments to build a group, members may not feel accountable to accomplish the goal, and the group may be a small number of people or a big number of people. In contrast, teams work together to accomplish a common goal, are selected for complementary skills, building a team may take years, and each individual as well as the team as a whole are held accountable to accomplish the goal, and a team is only a small number of people.

Diversity in the workplace is the differences of individuals who work together such as gender, culture, age, religion, and so much more. While diversity can cause difficulty due to differences, it can also be beneficial because the different background can bring innovation, imagination and different perspectives to a team. Diversity is increasingly important as a company expands also because the company will have to deal with diverse cultures, languages and people as they work with a more global clientele.

After reading this paper you should have a more clear understanding of the differences and importance of groups

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