Gokongwei Case Essay

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Case Study
Perez blvd.Dagupan City
Business Policy and Staregy
Henry Sy and John Gokongwei
( case study 3)
Leader : Sheila Cerezo
Assistant: Cyrel Jing Abaga
Members: Monica Cabatin
Stephen John Ramirez
Belita Garcia
Diana Rose Manangan
Ma. Geneva Mapanao
Karen Lamsen
We are aware that Robinsons and SM are popular shopping centers in the Philippines. These two companies are always compared, the founder of these are also compared. That is why we want to study about Henry Sy and John Go (kongwei was added to the suffix of his name which means “bright”). It’s because many business minded people and business related course of students like accountancy want to know what are the differences and similarities
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-Operations that are standardized, simplified, tightly controlled, and centrally planned, leaving few decisions to the discretion of rank-and file employees.
-Management systems that focus on integrated, reliable, high-speed transactions and compliance to norms.
1.Strategy, Structure and Execution. No company can achieve and maintain success without appropriate attention to each component and a deep understanding of their interdependencies.
The importance of Structure is often overlooked, either due to insufficient knowledge about the fundamentals of organizational development or belief that a company’s Structure is static. Structure is both dynamic & foundational. Employees are constantly joining the company, getting promoted and moving on to new challenges. And, this flow works best when there is a fundamental infrastructure to support it. Training, development and constructive feedback should be ongoing activities – not simply annual box-checking exercises. At the same time, the underlying infrastructure should be periodically evaluated to ensure that it adequately supports the Strategy. Changes to Structure should be thoughtful, well-orchestrated and proactive. The Structure is the critical link between Strategy and Execution. The Structure forms the infrastructure that supports the organization in its quest to execute the Strategy. An appropriate Structure maximizes the likelihood that the business will achieve success. An

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