Gms Chapter 1 Notes Essays

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Chapter 1
Overview of the 21st century workplace
- Organizations must adapt to rapidly changing society
> like in 2003 there was so wireless but now its changing now most of the business rely on wireless communication
- Economy is global and driven by innovation and technology
> you need new original ideas (innovative)
High performing companies gain extraordinary results from people working for them
Interdependent, knowledge based
> Depend on each other as a part of organization

Study question 1 what are the challenges of working in the new economy
> intellcutual capital people are the ultimate foundations of orgzanitional performances intellcutual capital is the collective brain power or shared knowledge of a workforce
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> Skills must be portable and always of current value( regardless of how much you get pay there is no gurantee)
> Critical skills for success in the new workplace
. Mastery
. Contacts (networking)
. Entrepreneurship (seeing a gap and fill it, be able to fix a mistake)
. Love of technology (having a interest in technology, be able to have an abbility to work with new advance technology
. Marketing
. Passion for renewal (land new skills, facing challenges, having to have feedbacks, will help you in improving the product better.
> a collection of people working togther to achieve a common purpose like havign a goal and everyone should be able to focus on that single goal

> organizations are open system
. Composed of interrelated parts that function together to achieve a common purpose
. Interact with their envoriment
. Tranform resource inputs into product outputs (goods, and services)

> organizational performaces
- value is created when an organization's operations adds value to the orginal cost of resouce inputs
- when creation occurs
. Bsuiness earn a profit
. Nonprofit organizations add

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