Functions of Law Essay

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Business and society is two very important things in the world that we live in today. The way that the law fits in our businesses and our society, is also important. Laws are made to control out authority. The functions and the role of laws are to only maintain justice and keep the peace. Sadly not everyone feels the same way and they tend to break many of our laws. The roles of law in business today, are so diverse business law is actually broken into three categories. The first is Criminal and Civil Law. These laws, is like the title, they are taking care of the laws dealing with criminal or civil natures. Criminal laws are designed for individuals to be compensated because of a loss of someone else’s actions. Our society is what …show more content…
The functions and the roles of laws of being a full time nanny and student are rather important. The rules are not hung for someone to see, yet they are made to make our life easier. Like the roles of laws in our society. Being a nanny, I must obey the children that I care for, their parents. I need to obey their set rules for their children. And being a student, I must obey the rules of my professors, if I want to achieve a good grade and pass the class. The rules that are made are not figuratively speaking, grey. They are black and white. Just like our society and our business laws. If we were to break a rule and get caught, the police would take care of us and we would be punished. For example if I was driving and got pulled over by a police man for speeding, I would have to pay my consequence, receive my ticket and take precautions of traffic school and having this ticket on my record. I can try to talk out of it, but the rule is doing speed, so I should not speed. At my job, I am to not go in the parent’s room. Honestly there is no need for me to go in there and I should respect the parents and not go inside their bedroom. If I were to get caught, I would have to pay my price. I may lose my job or lose money, and certainly lose their trust. Rules and laws are meant for reasons, they are to keep us safe and we should always abide by them. We should abide by them in our professional life and our personal life. In

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