Flor Moreno- a Figure of a Strong Woman Essay example

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At the beginning of the movie “Spanglish”, the audiences were presented how Flor and Cristina, a single mother and her young daughter, had illegally immigrated to the United States of America. Moving into the United States has been a big challenge to many Latin Americans; they have to adapt and learn how to live and fit into the new environment. Flor Moreno made no exception; adapting to a different lifestyle in a foreign place was a hard task for Flor. However, she never gave up; she tried her best to adapt to the lifestyle and made several difficult sacrifices for her beloved- Cristina. Flor was a mentally strong woman that had her own rigid beliefs and values. Moving into the Untied States was challenging for Flor. First of all, she …show more content…
Once again, but oppositely, Flor sacrificed what she could get from the Claskys to teach her young daughter a lesson; Flor left the Claskys. Flor left the family only because she wanted to convey the message to her daughter that what she got was not what she deserved. Flor wanted and needed Cristina to remember where she belonged. From the things that Flor had done, she proved herself to be a great mother that loved her daughter in the right way. Even though what she did to educate her daughter might be harsh for a girl that young, it was definitely helpful and came out of love. Besides leaving the family, Flor also tried really hard to learn English, a language that she had never touched before. Flor wanted to get closer to her daughter and know more about what her daughter considered as a part of her culture. Flor loved her daughter so much that she wanted to know everything about her and everything that was affecting and educating Cristina. Another great sacrifice that Flor made for her daughter was her relationship with John. Flor loved John; however, having a relationship with John meant that the Morenos have to stay with the Claskys. Flor could no longer tolerate Cristina being negatively affected by the Morenos. As a result, Flor ended her relationship with John and left the family. For a woman that had rigid beliefs and values like Flor, integrity was important. To Flor, being taken care of by a family and receiving all

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