Finding Yourself Essay

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Ana Westerman
27 February 2013
Finding Yourself I walked in the door Wednesday, February 15, 2012 with a huge smile on my face. My life was going just great. I had great friends, a serious boyfriend, and I was just doing my thing. As I walked into my room my dad followed me and shut the door. I instantly knew something was wrong. My dad started to talk and I wasn't paying attention because life was finally starting to be great. Thirty seconds later it finally hit me what was being said. "Your grandpa died." My grandpa has been struggling with diabetes, cancer, broken bones, blood transfusions and dialysis. He has had on step in death's door for the past twelve years. "He may be the solider, but he's not the only one serving" My
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I was in church service one Sunday morning where they read Revelation 21:3 and I felt a pushing on my chest. I automatically knew it was him. He will always be a part of my life no matter where he is. On Friday, February 15, 2013 was his one year anniversary. Not a lot of people know about him, including my boyfriend. I brought my boyfriend to a cemetery in Cedar Falls- even though my grandpa was buried in Wisconsin, but I thought it was necessary. While we were admiring the beautiful grave stones, we kissed. I opened my eyes mid kiss and saw a shooting star. I knew it was my grandpa saying he was proud of me and what I am becoming. It meant so much to me. My whole life I've never had someone be proud of me. My family looks down on me because they only see the bad side of me. They only see that side because that's the only side of me I ever show. I don't know how to show that good side. I've never show it because I don't open up to people and that is never going to change even though that's why my family gets so upset. After my grandpa died, I started talking to him at night. People might think it was too late to open up to him, but for me it was perfect timing. talking to him helped me be more vulnerable. I hate showing my feelings, but talking to god and my grandpa showed me that they will not judge= only comfort, which is what I wish I could say about people on Earth. My grandpa is a great role model. I

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