Fin 571 All Course Assignments / Final Exam Latest 2014 Essay

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FIN 571 All Course Assignments / Final Exam Latest 2014

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FIN 571 Week 1 Business Structure Paper
FIN 571 WEEK 1 Reflection PAPER FIN 571 Week 2 Business Structure Advice FIN 571 Week 3 Graded Paper
FIN 571 Week 3 Learning Team A Reflection – Graded FIN 571 WEEK 4 Proforma Statement Analysis Paper
FIN 571 Week 4-TA-A-Valuation-Reflection FIN 571 week 5 learning team fin 571-1-Pauls Cuts FIN 571 WEEK 6 Workin Capital Simulation paper
FIN 571 WeeK
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Their scheduled payments, starting at the end of the year are as follows—$450,000, $560,000, $750,000, $875,000, and $1,000,000. What is the present value of these payments? (Round to the nearest dollar.)

10.Ajax Corp. is expecting the following cash flows—$79,000, $112,000, $164,000, $84,000, and $242,000—over the next five years. If the company’s opportunity cost is 15 percent, what is the present value of these cash flows? (Round to the nearest dollar.) 11.Jayadev Athreya has started on his first job. He plans to start saving for retirement early. He will invest $5,000 at the end of each year for the next 45 years in a fund that will earn a return of 10 percent. How much will Jayadev have at the end of 45 years? (Round to the nearest dollar.) 12.Serox stock was selling for $20 two years ago. The stock sold for $25 one year ago, and it is currently selling for $28. Serox pays a $1.10 dividend per year. What was the rate of return for owning Serox in the most recent year? (Round to the nearest percent.)

13.Regatta, Inc., has six-year bonds outstanding that pay a 8.25 percent coupon rate. Investors buying the bond today can expect to earn a yield to maturity of 6.875 percent. What should the company’s bonds be priced at today? Assume annual coupon payments. (Round to the nearest dollar.)

14.Next year Jenkins Traders will pay a dividend of $3.00. It expects to increase its

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